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Miguel Fontes

Startup Lisboa: An 8-Year Journey to Promote Spirit of Community

In a not-too-distant past, the will of the citizens of Lisbon gave birth to an initiative that promised to transform the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem and help startups take their ideas from imagination to reality.

Miguel Fontes

Talent, Good Quality of Life in Lisbon Luring Foreign Startups: Miguel Fontes

The rich talent pool and the high quality of life in Lisbon are attracting more foreign companies to the Portuguese capital, says the CEO of Startup Lisboa, a leading startup incubator that is determined to walk the path of "relevance". "Talent in our days is the most valuable asset for any kind of company.

Landing.Jobs Adding “Human Touch” to Tech Talent Hiring

The word “recruitment” is often associated with a world void of emotions, but a Portuguese startup has set out on a journey to add a “human touch” to tech talent hiring while meeting the emerging needs of remote workers.

QnA Summit panel discussion

The Conference Helping You Create (And Sustain) a Business

Starting one’s own business is a dream held by many but successfully attained by few. It is certainly enticing for those feeling stuck in a job that is, to say the least, unpleasant and unrewarding, financially and otherwise. However, dreaming about it and actually taking the bold and risky steps necessary to achieve the dream are worlds apart.

Amir Bozorgzadeh

Virtuleap Diving Deep Into VR Brain Training

It’s not always easy to take a leap of faith into the unknown. But it’s that jump that sets us off on an endless journey toward exploring new opportunities, pushing back the boundaries of where the mind can go, and setting a trend that could outlive us.

Workshop at Coachmi

Coachmi Aims to Bridge Generation Gap in Portugal’s Coaching Scene

There are moments when the road of life forks into countless futures and we stand there, at the crossroads, wondering which path to take. At such decisive moments, some of us decide to stumble around in the dark while others reach out for help.

David Nicol Williams

NomadX, Digital Nomad Housing Platform, Aims to Bring Back “Host” Into Equation

NomadX, a platform where digital nomads can find quality affordable housing, wants to revive the role of “hosts” as it believes in the importance of local community engagement, the company’s co-founder says.

Mário Mouraz, founder and CEO of Climber RMS

Climber Leading an Expedition to Simplify Hotel Revenue Management

In a world where many people tend to value complexity, a Portuguese startup is scaling the ladder of simplicity to paint a new landscape for hotel revenue management while aspiring to leave a worthwhile legacy for the hospitality industry.

Amir Bozorgzadeh, co-founder and CEO of Virtuleap

Virtuleap’s CEO: Lisbon, a Potential “Top-Tier” Market for Startups

Lisbon has the potential to become a “top-tier” business market but comparing it to Silicon Valley only “discredits” it, says Amir Bozorgzadeh, the CEO and co-founder of Virtuleap.


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